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Bharat stage VI emission norms -2025 the next tightening?

Centre for Auto Policy & Research (Think Tank for mobility solution)

organised a focused Webinar on “Bharat stage VI emission norms -2025 the next tightening?” on 06th August 2020 to bring back the focus at the challenges of “Air Pollution & Congestion” which was impacting the Industry growth since 2018, so that the auto sector recovers from the longest recession in its history as the Indian Auto Industry is fast recovering from the impact of lockdown with the opening of the economic activity.

The webinar saw an over whelming response from across the Industry, Media, Consultants, Fund Houses, Embassies, Foreign participants from Singapore, Europe, US etc. There was pointed discussions from the eminent Panel representing Industry, Government, EU & Homologation & Testing Body.

The Experts agreed that Pollution continues to be a key concern for India, even as India leapfrogged to BS VI emission norms in April this year and skipped BS V. 

The question remains that have we done enough to improve air quality?

The broad out come of the discussions were:

  • In view of the increasing / predominant share of petrol vehicles including two-wheelers, there is a need that emission norms for petrol/CNG vehicles need to be further tightened by 2025
  • Emphasis needs to be on road performance therefore Real Driving Emission (RDE) is a crucial aspect to be addressed, in context of India specific challenges.
  • Compliance is needed throughout the lifetime of the vehicles under all condition of use.
  • Need to adopt roadmap similar to the European Green Deals which includes key action towards sustainable and smart mobility for more stringent air pollutant emission standards for combustion engine vehicles by 2021.
  • Legislation needs to be technology-agnostic and regulations has to be fuel-neutral for sustainable long-term benefits with focus on India.
  • Modernisation of fleet is important to reap the benefits of BS VI and advanced safety regulations
  • Need Roadmap taking into consideration the short-term solution along with long-term goals for a sustainable future.

The deliberations are covered (Link given below) by our Media Partner ‘Autocar Professional’


Sustainable Transportation 2025

Center for Auto Policy & Research(CAPR): An Independent Think Tank for sustainable mobility solution for masses with advisory board consisting of experts from Auto, Oil, academia & other stake holders, organised Webinar on “Sustainable Mobility 2025” on July 2, 2020 where the experts debated the issues need to be addressed so that environmentally friendly mobility solution is provided to the masses in India.

The details of the deliberations are given in the Link below. The major take aways were:

  • Emission norms for petrol/CNG vehicles need to be further tightened by 2025 to address the issue of nano particles
  • Increased blending of 25 percent ethanol in petrol essential by 2025 for reducing dependence on import of petroleum crude.
  • Optimal integration of Government, Automobile and Oil(energy) industries, academic /research Institutes to develop appropriate infrastructure and speed up the administrative procedure such that hydrogen is used as a regular fuel across the country by 2025.
  • Comprehensive effort by the government and other stakeholders, to build capacity to mitigate the occurrence of road crashes, congestion leading to death/injuries and higher on road pollution & fuel consumption.


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