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Mr. Saurabh Mohan Saxena

Founder Director – AHODS Technologies (Hydrogen-on-Demand)

Saurabh is an energetic, passion inventor with high executional capabilities & holds patents especially on Hydrogen as Fuel on demand.

Now as an entrepreneur since 2016 Saurabh is working on automotive & industrial innovative technology has proven to disrupt the fuel system with Hydrogen ecosystem while being extremely cost effective. The technology AHODS has also been granted a ‘novelty’ & industrial applicability’ by WIPO. He has MoU and working very closely with IIT Delhi and some international corporations like Ansys, USA NASSCOM on product development & solution.

He would pioneer to use of Hydrogen as Alternate Clean Energy source in mobility space on mission to de-carbonize having a Socio-Economic-Health impact. He plans to reduce minimum of ONE million Tons of CO2 by the novel AHODS save on crude oil import bill worth thousands of crores with huge employment opportunities.   

A professional with 26 years’ work experience at leadership levels Top Fortune Auto & Indian Auto companies like General Motors , Delphi Automotive Systems , Tata Motors , ZF Germany, Daimler Chrysler (Now FCA), Hero Motors and Steel Making Usha Martin in Strategic Planning , Business Development , Research & Development ,Customer Experience, Operational Controls to drive profitable growth with demonstrated ability to work in multi-cultural environment, develop strategic and actionable solutions that drive measurable business results. 

Extensive experience working at senior level in developing strategy and executing on complex market, developmental and operational projects, delivering multi-million-dollar business transformation and growth initiatives, gained over years in Automobile & Steel Industry. Have a proven track record of managing a business, leading change `and operational transformation initiatives, establishing and maintaining relationships with executives globally & cultural teams handling from USA, Japan, Korea, China, SEA Region, EU countries e.g. Germany, UK, France, Spain etc.  Australia & India.

Awards & accolades like Global Green Award in 2006 (Saving DG Fuel & pollution), Global Quality Awards GM various product launch and projects to bring best technology in Chassis & Powertrain from the globe in India. Example of first front & rear gas charged suspension in 1999 with Maruti Suzuki. Complete Axle systems design & manufacturing plant set-up with GM Pune 2012 for Chevrolet Models & BMW India for BMW X1, X5, 3 , 6 & 7 series at Chennai 2015

He is an avid speaker in various national & international conferences, Member HAI (Hydrogen Association of India), Expert at International Center for Automotive Technology (iCAT), GoI, Manesar, Founder Member: Board of Studies - Amity University / Multiple Academic Institutions, Founder Charge Up India Campaign (Rise O Bharat) Movement, Convener - Confederation of Industry & Academia (CIA)  , Expert on Hydrogen & Fuel Cells at Aspire iCAT. Consultant Growth & Strategy - MSMEs /Corporates, Mentor/ Consultant / Speaker on Green Mobility, Mechatronics, Ind. 4.0 /Smart Factory / Data / AI / Digital Transformation.

He has done engineering from IERT Allahabad and is a leaner on the go, loves to travel,  music, network with people , enjoy with friends and family